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Add Life to Your Music


Stuart Langelaan aka Lange has been a professional music producer for 25 years, notching up numerous club anthems, and has produced over 20 top
40 UK chart hits.


Whether your music needs a professional 2-track master, a deeper mix down via
stem mastering, or you require assistance in finishing your track, Lange can bring your music to life.


Lange works with the finest audio tools available in his recording studio, and has
over 2 decades of extensive experience.

Two Track & Stem Mastering


In addition to regular mastering, Lange offers more in-depth stem mastering.


Can’t quite get the bass/kick sitting well together or other elements balanced?


Sending grouped parts or ‘stems’ from your track separately enables finer tuning of your music during the mastering process. Typically it’s recommended you create groups separating the Kick, Bass, Percussion, Synths, Vocals, and Effects.

Track Finishing


If you’re still learning the ropes in the production world or simply need a fresh pair of ears on your project, Lange can help your track reach it’s potential. The option is there to connect remotely for an online studio session with Lange where ideas can be shared as your track is honed. 

Commissioned Works


Lange is also available for commissioned projects, from writing club tracks to short pieces for TV & film.

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